Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fugly's Update

In between running the blog, my 9-5er, photo sessions, landscaping (yes, landscaping), family duties (two adorable little girls), and scheming my plans to rule the world, there’s almost no time for Project Fugly. Regardless, I do my best and I have been working on it every chance I get…so far in the last month I’ve been able to get her started (not dizzy related) and customized an intake.

With a lot of consideration, I think it’s time to send her to the professionals. If I keep my current rate, she will not get done before the summer or ever. In the main time, I will try to tackle as much as I can before I send her away…anyone wanna help? Things still on the list includes:(1) adjust the exhaust (may require welding), (2) install seats using purchased brackets(3) install oil catch can, (4) solder the intake, (5) clean up tucked wires, (6) Install camber kits, (7) drop it more- hopefully that’s it.

Enjoying the weekend’s warm weather and getting a tan. Look at the insane amount of garage dust she’s collected.

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