Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Powercruise Recap

Big thanks to our friends from down under for putting a fantistic show. For those who missed it, you really missed out. I was only there on competition day, and I felt like I missed out a lot. Again, like MAPerformance BIR event, it was smackdown of all racing and car related mayhem. This time I was able to cover a litle bit more than just the drift event:
When they say "powercruise" they really do mean it. Drviers get to drive the entire track at BIR, no speed limit and helmets required. Now, this is cruising. Checking out the parked cars Finally the main event for me, drift. The course was on the outter skirt of the main area, and it was pretty interestng with a long straight way to gain speed and then a sharp left, go through the tunnel and wide right bank, finishing off with another straight way to hold smoking tires. The boys were testing the first bank hard and coming in super fast with early initiations, ie where the judge was standing. Lot of dirt flying, but few tries later they were able to own it. Since his transformation from the SR, Samuel Henry, has been hasn’t been able to catch a break within the last two years here. The RB, although was pretty mighty, didn’t seem to click altogether and placed 2nd at the NOS 2010 competition. This year, he opted for the Corvette LSx motor and things seem to be going fairly well, with exceptions of some minor issues of course. In front of an official D1 judge, Mr. Henry was able to pull some impressive and clean runs which secured him into 1st place. Congrats to our superstar and well deserved good sir.
More pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54306394@N07/sets/72157627284802786/with/5976507229/

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