Thursday, August 4, 2011

$600 Dollars on a Shitty Camera

It was the worst of time, but never the best. It was a great learning experience starting on the day I purchased her. Somethings are just better to make a decision and act on it, not the Obama way of look and see or creating a committee to investigate for farther actions. Which in my case, wasting $600 dollars on a shitty camera to see if I wanna get into photography. Trust me, if you get a good camera, you’d want to be a photographer from day 1- why not, the champagne and dollars flows endless- okay, that part I kid.

When it comes to this trade, there’s no such thing as shallow or deep end- just make a decision and dive right into it. To all you photo-g’s out there who are deciding whether you should upgrade your equipments or not- I say “DO IT ALREADY”. The same people who are telling not to otherwise are the biggest hypocrites themselves, because they drive a POS but have $20-50k in camera equipments.

Photography is all about getting the artist the best chances he/she has to getting that “perfect” shot. So if it takes a $2-3k in lenses or body to do so then that’s what it takes- shut up and spend the money. Kinda like my shitty friend who thinks a stock single cam on a budget will get him to 13’s- can you say “ignorant”?

*Oh yes, back to the subject, sold the POS. Bye!

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  1. Nice novice camera for people who use it personally. Definitly and upgrade from a Point and shoot.