Monday, August 15, 2011

MAPerformance Rd. 4 Recap

Big thanks to our friends at MAPerformance for setting up these awesome events, and the opportunity for media people like me to practice. Round 4 saw a lot of improved drivers and its results show in the smoke pictures. Great job fellas.

*Cody always throws it hard and later winning the wall taping challenge

*Sam came with vengence this round, maybe it was because he had missed the last event

*Michael, AKA Teckno, always a charm to watch. Goes fast and hard, and a serious contender.

*I told Audi to hug the wall for me...pretty scary stuff but he's trying.

*Kinda reminds me of the Manny Pacquiao commercial, "they say I couldn't, but I did...."

*Even our friends from west of the border (Blueprint Drift) came through

*Speaking of improvements, here are a couple of drivers who are getting closer to FD status.

*Cody's car wrapping it up after a long day

*trying to get down and low with my super wide as Luis and his awesome Miata fly by

* Eric exchanged his keys for the mic and returned as the funny and entertaining MC.

*Thanks to these two guys, Erik and Robby, I'm no longer afraid of staring death in the eye

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