Monday, August 22, 2011

Matt Hansen's 1JZ (stage 2)

Behind all the awesome EPDC cars is Matt Hansen. The painter behind Sam’s Rapebull- Matt, Audi’s wall tap recoveries- Matt, Collin’s luscious yellow- Matt, and so on. His attention to detail and talent shows in his 1JZ s13. Yes, I said 1JZ! As badass as that sound, it has not been an easy task. It was a project that consumed over 2 years and countless hours of head scratching. Parts are extreme rare and finding a knowledgeable mechanic for opinion was mind numbing. However, the hard work has paid off and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of labor.

How long did it take for you to do it?
It took me about 2 years to get it to where it is. I had lots of help from Ron at RS Motors, Sam, Audi, and Jason. I only put the best of parts on the car so it took time and money to get and wiring it up was also a challenge.

Why not the 1JZ, and not the RB?
I got the 1jz with the ORC clutch and a brand new R154 trans from Ron at RS Motors. It was his idea from the begining and I kinda stuck with it. After dropping it in and watching Sam go through all the work with his RB just to make it reliable and powerful I am glad I made this choice. The 1jz is a stronger motor and a more powerful motor. It is the best in its class.

Would you recommend the motor, and the swap to anyone?
future plans?
I would totally recommend this swap to anyone. The only thing is is that it wasnt very easy and took time. But well worth it. My future plans are unclear as of yet. I am begining body and paint work right now. Ron has me really thinking about goin with a single turbo and building the head around it for great response and very little turbo lag. But my main thing is to help Sam and Audi make it to the top even if it means letting them use my car as a backup car.

Most annoying thing about the current setup (chassis, swap, and motor)?
The only annoying thing about the swap/car is it is powerful and the power is right there right now. The twins spool so fast and it makes amazing torque.

Shout outs? links?
Most of all I would like to thank Sam Henry, Ronnie Soliman, Jason Goldsworthy, Delarey Venter, and Audi Riza. These guys have done nothing but help me out and hook me up. Also my Grandpa for getting me into cars from day one. I would also like to shout out to my EPDC family and thank my sponsors NOS Energy Drinks, Primo Performance, and RS Motors.

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