Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rice Killer Recap: We be killin’ THEM!

Rice Killer. Rice Killer. Rice Killer. These two words I have been hearing for the past year and a half and finally this past Monday (8.23.2011) I attended my first RiceKiller.com(RKC) meet. Needless to say I was impress at how organized the meet was, from having people directing incoming/outgoing cars from the girls at the entrance greeting you. At first I thought it was just going to be total mayhem with people peeling out of the parking lot and with no sense of direction, but it was just the opposite of that. I can see that RKC put a lot of effort into having a place for local car enthusiasts to meet with each other and showoff their hard earn money that usually goes unseen.

Walking along the isles of cars I started getting that old feeling of how it use to be going to Midway(university ave) on weekend nights before STP law enforcement kicked in and having dumbasses ruining it for everyone else that was there to hang out. It was a flashback of memories of walking around the Foodsmart parking lot, talking to random people about their cars and just getting to meet other enthusiasts. Remembering how it use to be back then and now it's no where near it, what RKC is doing is something that everyone has always talked about but no one was willing to execute it. I never would imagine anyone would actually be able to rent a spot out where people could just gather and hang out for one evening a week but I am glad that RKC is doing just that.

Meeting up at Primo Performance and cruising alongside with the Empty Pocket Drift Crew (EPDC) to RKC meet has to be one of the most epic cruise I was ever part of. Showing up in fashion time to the meet and seeing the mass of people just shifting weight from the main parking lot to the rear where we were parked was like seeing the tides of the ocean rise. Having drift cars, Hondas and lowriders just shows the diversity of cars that you will expect to see and that’s just the beginning. It’s open to all sorts of cars and I think I even saw a viper and an oldschool muscle camaro. It’s great to see a wide range of cars that anyone from any car community can come and be welcome with open arms to display what they have been working on in their garages.

Seeing the amount of people willing to bring out their cars to display and how easy it is to talk to one another is a great sight to see. It beats chatting on car forums every day and not getting to see each others' cars, besides pictures. Having RKC meets gives that human nature back of connection where I believe that the internet filled up for and people started lacking a sense of communication. It brings the local car community together and having a platform like RKC is a great jump off point. It was a great first time experience and has open my eyes to attend more meets even though I was a little late on it.

I think having a spot where legally people can come and hang out has always been something everyone wished for. I truly feel that the car community, especially for sport compact cars, is finally finding their own spot here in Minnesota. Where muscle cars had Porky’s and we were just stuck at the other end of University to get harassed by the men/women in blue. It’s great what RKC is doing and I can only see it getting better as time progress(as long people don’t fuck it up). From the first time hearing about RKC to now, I can really see that we need a place like these meets. It should show to the public that we’re not thugs and criminals invading parking lots on a Monday night, but just everyday people that share the passion of getting together and showing each other what we love and that’s cars.

So…props to Troy Schultz and RiceKiller.com for throwing them Monday night meets and NOS Energy Drinks for providing the awesome free drinks and eye candies (oh you know). Much love to EPDC and Primo for showing us the way to show up in FASHIONABLE time and manner. If anyone hasn’t been to a RKC meet I suggest you do so fast before it gets too cold and everyone will be talking how they wish it was warm for a RKC meet. So, get out there and enjoy these last few weeks of warmth.

-David Vu

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