Friday, September 30, 2011

JMP 2011 PhotoG Contest Winners

Of all the entries we received, and btw, thank you for participating, Mr. Cha of TYC Photography has picked his top three. Congrats to our winners, Yeng Yang, Jared Levine, and John Thor. Wonderful job guys! You can pick up your $20 gift card at HID Lighting and Accessories this weekend.

*Again, thanks to our awesome judge, Adam Cha.

Mr. Yeng shot this on his way to the show, a good photographer is always prepared and never misses his opportunity.

You can always rely on Jared Levine for taking nice photos. He's got the upmost respect for the sport and is always passionate about his work. Nice integra btw.

I love the sun rays in this frame as well as the postition. Great job, John Thor! Also, doesn't hurt to have such a wonderful subject to work with.

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