Sunday, September 25, 2011

JMP Showoff 2 Recap

Many thanks for the participating groups and everyone for making this possible. Special thanks to HID Lighting and Accessories for hosting us- I hope this puts you on the map now. Personally, the best touch up for this event was the music, which was provided by the DJs from team Evolution at Stargate Nightclub.

The event was packed, although we did not have many large big Minnesota tuners representing- this event was for the average "Joes" who own the car, drive, race, and showcase it- and that is something I was very proud to see. We bought 200 note cards to pass out to each person as ballots for the best in show competition, with 20 minutes I ran out with some didn't get a chance vote- so 5th grade math tells us that we had over 200 footprints- hooray!

Congrats to our 2011 JMP best in show winners, Dana, Dan, and Kou

*photoG contest entries end this Wednesday so turn in yours ASAP- so far I have 6 entries already and boy do this look good.
Again, thank you Minnesota!

**click for more photos

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