Monday, October 10, 2011

Raceway Challenge: Drift Recap

The top 8s were amazing to watch, simply for the thrill that about half of these guys were considered "novice" about a week ago. A few guys had less then 2 years experience of drifitng. You may beef about the "uneven" matched up, or that Raceway "sucks," blah blah, but the truth of the matter is that this event pushed these drivers to the next level. I think as a driver who wants to be good, I can appreciate that. Never would imagine that I would get to see Chance and Eric tandem in top eight, on top of it all, they "one more time" finishing off with he closest side by side performance I've seen at Raceway.

Chance and his Pikachu Mobile. It's crazy that last year he was so nervious about hitting the walls- this year, he placed 3rd last week and this weekend he gave a veteran his moneys worth for 2 rounds.

One of the main reason I didn't I want to do media for this weekend because I wanted to see the whole thing in real time, especially this guy. I thought the best run was with Andrew- Sam, you were perfect! Congrats on the finish- awesome year buddy!

Keith, someday I wanna be just like you! Awesome photographer and drives so fucking well. Congrats on the win! Awesome car and guy- always does it with class. I love it!.

*Big thanks to Empty Pockets Drifting Crew (EPDC) and Ricekiller!!!

[Click for more pic, courtesy of David "Vulocity" Vu]

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