Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brothers Rivalry

Actually, it's not as bad as you think, granted I don't know exactly what goes at home, but they were pretty well behaved at the shoot. Knowing these guys personally, secretly, I've been wanting to do this shoot for a long time. Thanks guys!

The big brother, is truely "the big brother". A true Skyline GTR. Car is amazingly strong pulls hard from the last time I remember. His biggest problem now is tires, and seems to go through a set every season, even though it's only street driven. A few upgrades and minor issues has been solved, currently he's trying to make to at least one or two track events next year. One of them being drift I hope.

Little brother is a Zenki 240sx. Car is classy and settle just the way he prefers it. The motor is stock, but diff box is welded shut for some fun. I so miss mine.

[click for more photos]

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