Friday, November 18, 2011

La...La...La...listen to the Melody

“I’m just lighting up my La…La…La…La…” It is either the self-painted Hokusai painting on the hood or the bright yellow paint dripping off of Collin Melody’s Nissan 240sx that you can not help but draw your attention towards it. If the artwork or color does not catch your attention then I am positive the rumbling underneath the hood will. There are many who tries to build their version of a performance vehicle and from looking through craigslist ads, that seem to only go as far as building and to the for sale sign. I am always happy to see when someone build with a purpose and put that exact reason into use. There are too many beauty queens and though they do look good; looks can only go so far. I honestly can't even call a drift car a drift car without some zip-ties holding the bumpers together and battle wounds. I have always point out that if it's too pretty then most likely they don't or can't drift. Saying all of this, from the pictures you can clearly see that this 240sx is put into good use and isn't shy to show it. From purchasing a nearly stock body 240sx to the yellow screaming drift machine you see today, it’s hard to believe it took Melody about a year of piecing everything together.

With the help of Primo Performance, Melody’s 240sx took it form in the shop throughout the year. It originally came with a SR20 that was swapped over to the bigger displacement KA24E that quickly went under the knife. The block was fitted with Eagle rods connected to Wiseco slugs for security to hold the positive pressure that was waiting from the PTE 58-57 snail. Melody did not forget the cylinder head, where it was fully rebuilt and a Cometic head gasket mated snugly in between the 2.4Litre block. A custom made turbo manifold took place alongside with custom intercooler plumbing to help direct boost going to where it belongs. With all the parts going into the motor, it started looking like it can hold some serious power. Thinking of how to harness and put this new found power in sync, help was ask from RSmotors and they quickly had it on the rollers dialing in numbers and in no time it was ready for the streets and track.

“Making the roll cage was probably one of the things that took the longest with the whole entire build. It was my first time building one (roll cage), so everything was a trial and error but I think it came out pretty well,” said Melody when asked what made this particular build difficult then others he has done. The intentions from the start of this build was to have something bulletproof, to be able to withstand countless abuse on the track, and have a solid engine set-up that follows that very purpose; quickly looking over that mod list, I believe that Mr. Melody clearly built that type of car. For Melody, some future plans is to have a smaller quicker spooling turbo and more shiny new suspension parts like most drift cars. Melody’s Bright Yellow 240sx screams “LOOK AT ME NOW!” and with Hokusai’s “Great Wave off Kanagawa”painting, it truly fits well with that very intent. It surely was a big splash at this past 2011 Drifting Season and a bright future is instore for this work of art. We will be looking forward to more of Collin Melody and his drift machine in the 2012 season and you should too.

Last words from the driver: “I’d like to thank everyone who had a part in this
build, Primo Performance, The Ink Tailor Tattoo Studio , RS Motors, Audi Riza,
Jason Goldsworthy and a special thanks to JMP for the great pictures”


*Special thanks to the gorgeous Ms. Nguyen for coming out. Make sure you like her Facebook Fan Page.

PhotoG: Neng
Words: David
Model: Ms Kimly Nguyen

Driver Info:
Name: Collin Melody
Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN

Eagle rods
Wiseco pistons
King bearings
rebuilt head
Cometic head Gasket
Custom exhaust manifold
Custom intercooler piping
PTE 58-57 Tubro
Turbosmart wastegate
Tial blow off Valve
Mishimoto Radiator
Mishimoto Intercooler
Fuel Injector Clinic 1100cc
Walbro 255 pump
Spec Stage 5 sintered iron clutch
custom aluminum motor mounts
circuit sport tranny mount
Tuned by RS Motors on E-85

Megan Track Coiloversupgraded tension rods
Phase 2 Elite 17x9
Prosport guages
-water temp
-oil pressure
Aem wideband
Haltech Sprint 500
ARC control panel
ignition kill switch
custom chassis and engine harness
Custom roll cage
Momo racing line sterring wheel
5zigen fixed back drivers seat
stock passanger seat

Custom paint by Matt Hansen aka Lil Matt
BN Sport body kit
Origin 20mm front overfenders
Origin Takadashi 50mm rear overfenders
326 power wing
custom painted hood

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