Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photography is Not Work

Call me naïve but the idea of being a hired photographer is something that I vowed to never do again. When it comes to photography, I consider myself as an artist. And as such, I have no boundaries, rules, nor will I take any instructions. A week ago I played into the devil’s hand (greed), and took a paid assignment. I was excited, mainly at the fact that it would be challenging given the circumstances. Like low light setting, the kind of subjects, and lack of equipment. The photos turned out great and the customer was satisfied, but deep inside I was totally out of it. If this is going to be my second grind, I really should stick to my model which is that photography is not work.

My goal in photography is not to be a millionaire, but to one day be tapped on the shoulder by the car industry to be a photo journalist or an official media- preferably in drifting. I know that sounds contradictory to what I just mentioned about photography and art, but to me a car IS art. I want to take it to the highest level. My greatest fear is to be a 40 year old photographer still shooting for Facebook friends approvals.

-Happy eating Pilgrims , Neng “Turkey Fatter Than” Her

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