Friday, December 16, 2011

Fugly's End, Maybe

It seems that everybody in this industry owns a car that represents their business or reflects their agenda, i.e. Mark Arcenal of Fatlace, although he has a few collection, S14, or Alexi of, Mark II and so on. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to buy back a car I previously owned, and decided that I was going to make it the face for JMP. It was a 1991 Honda Civic hatchback with a B16 engine overhaul. The owner had decided to resale it because he was too discouraged to rebuild it after recovering it from some thieves.
My plan for the Civic was set for minor track car quality with an emphasis on stance. As much as I like drifting and wished I never sold the RB, I tried my best to give it a bit of that drift look like fat lip, super low, and wide stance. Not to mention, the fact that I love nostalgic old school look. The car has been slowly put together since, however half way into the build I decided I was going to have it ready for a car show and race event. With the motor already swapped and head ported, I focused much of my attention to the appearance. Many thanks to my good friend Vang at HID Lighting and Accessories for some cool shiny parts and an awesome suspension setup. Also, big ups to Jesse from Primo Performance for fabricating the seats and exhaust together- very satisfied.
By October I was able accomplish both goals, the hatch looked nice and low at the show and held it together throughout the day as I raced her in spectator drag race event at the Raceway Challenge event hosted by EPDC. 2012 is approaching and I’m happy to announce that I might have another opportunity knocking- this time it won’t be a Honda and my goals won’t be so high. As a result, I’m looking for a new home for the hatch and will be up for sale officially in the upcoming spring. Selling for $3k as is.

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  1. Thats A Pretty good price for it, Haha, Make sure you really want to sell it tho,