Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last Call, Part 2

-Arrived at Shawano around 1am in the morning, hella tired and slept in the car but I didn't mind it cause this was my view. Junkhouse!

-A deal that didn't go though, but 2011 was their year.

-USAIR is a fucking drift porn fest, love it! Couldn't keep my eyes off this machine the entire day

-Primo Performance sideways in 2011.

-Audi, 2011 was a tough year but look out for him in 2012.

-Guest JDM star driving, dude was killing it.

-Awesome year for Sam, congrats again on all your accomplishments.

-love doing private shoots, more in 2012. Thanks Mr. Melody!

-bored, westside mofo!

-Bored. Congrats on your 2011 MAP top finish

-Simba is king!

-bye bye 2011, from JMP with love

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