Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012, Woots.

Talking to a few drivers I know, looks like 2012 is going to be crazier fun drifting year. 2011 was a huge step for Minnesota drifting in terms of talent level and gaining exposure to the sport. Towards the end of the season, both Elko Speedway and Raceway Park events had record attendance numbers. Throughout the summer I witness over 14 drifting events, from private practices to full competitions, and with each event I’m seeing that the talent level is increasing. For a state that only allows us to drift four months out of the year, Minnesota drivers are kicking asses.
2011 has definitely created a huge momentum; already some events have been confirmed with dates- see calendar. I’m excited to see more drivers for 2012, there are going to be a few returning drivers, as well as lot new ones, and veterans of course. 2012 will be another awesome year so whether you are a driver or photoG- get your money right and let’s get out there to represent Minnesota!

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