Saturday, May 5, 2012

(short recap) Full Blown's 2012 Spring Opener

Rain...rain...go away! It sure seem like there is a pattern that I am starting to see, that every time I have a day off of work and able to go to these type of events, mother nature seems to say "fuck you and here's some rain". Despite this bi-polar weather, the fearless crowd packed in FBM's narrow parking lot. From the beginning to the end of the lot, it was filled with many great looking cars. There were many car crews there such as Team Ballistic with their two H2B civics and the newly "highest HP (800.6) world record holder on stock block" Honda S2000 to Minnesota's quickest Turbo SOHC civic (Team Shadowz).

Even though I stood there for maybe 40minutes and left because of the crazy down pour that suddenly came and had everyone scattering around, it was a great turn out. It was packed and I know if it was a nicer day, the opener would have bled to the streets and more cars would have eventually showed. BUT since mother nature said fuck you---40minutes of me going around taking whatever pictures I could is all I got this time around. So Thanks Full Blown and all the crews for throwing a good opener and I'm looking forward this coming season. It's gon' be one hell'uva ride---


click here for more HQ fotos---

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