Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drift, Travel, Lessons Learned, and Appreciation.

As much hype as I created for this 2012 season, I’m sorry to say this is really not my year thus far. A few personal matters and new obligations have constrained my time and focus on the field. Sadly, I have yet to stay and complete an entire event. However, I’m glad that I have three awesome friends to help out (stay tune for Brandon and David’s awesome photos). Special thanks to Dan from MAPerformance for hooking us up with media pass for this weekend’s awesome event, 4th Annual MAP Proving Ground.

A few things I learned over the weekend in no particular order or relations:

1. Canon 135mm f/2.0 is so damn sharp, too sharp

2. Three day weekends are not long enough

3. I need a wide lens like yesterday, preferably the 16-35mm

4. Embedding video on php forum is a bitch

5. Drift media personals should stay out of entry points/outside lines

6. “Early morning photoshoots are never ideal, but totally worth it”. Repeat it to self on morning of.

7. Never shoot photos under video settings

8. 7D LCD monitor lies

9. Fuck Google map

10. Always keep camera gears in trunk, summer time only of course.

Here's a little video I managed to cut bright and early on Monday:
bir2012video from jmuag on Vimeo.

-cheers, Neng

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