Monday, June 11, 2012

Simple Days: Chao's SC

For the most part, this sport is about surviving- staying in for the long haul and enjoying all the various stages. Regrettably, that’s something that I was not able to do with all my cars. The notion of “in with the new and out with the old” just doesn’t apply when it comes to true auto enthusiasts. No, I’m talking about part upgrades, but the core relationship between the owner and his/her car- and there is no better example of that than my buddy, Chao and his SC.

This car is a testament to his patience and has been his better half for the past six years. Unlike most Lexus, this is no flashy VIP trendsetter; it’s a functioning car for some street use, but mostly for weekend clutch kicking. Aside from what needed to get the car sideways, most of the car remains factory or if not stripped, so I was pretty surprised to find out that it got a fresh paint. I wonder what will be the next stage…

*Most people are worried about bodykits, turbo sizes, and blah blah...all you really need is a good water pump, radiator, and a firm timing belt.
*interior trims are for pussies

*2011, Shredding at Elko Speedway

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