Friday, June 1, 2012

Throttle bashing @ Midwest No-Star Bash!!

What the hell do you know about Shawano? Nothing…? I would have said the same thing a week ago, but after attending No-Star Bash I can most definitely say I know something about Shawano.  After a long 4 hour drive(even though I slept half way) we made it to the little town of Shawano of Wisconsin a little after midnight and what was ahead for our day at USAir Motorsports Raceway will forever change my view on drifting.  I think I had my fair share of watching people drifting at Elko Speedway and after being at USAir I don’t think I want to go back to Elko.  Not trying to hate on the track, but I can only watch people drift around in circles for so long and at USAir…it’s magical (lol).  Watching drifters connect drifts; corners after corners and having five car tandems can make any driftnoid swoon.  I literally sat down in a chair and was just hypnotized by all the tires smoke…angle banging…clutch kicking action that was happening right before my very eyes.  And the cars…not only they could drift, they all looked so damn pretty doing it.

RX-7s…240sx…SR20powered Bimmer…oh my!, the list of cars were endless (well, almost) and seeing them going around the track was eye candy in its truest form.  Walking around the pits and just being amazed at all the beautiful machines, I couldn’t seem to get away from all the Indiana and Illinois license plates with just a handful of reppin’ the land of 10,000 Lakes.  I think it was a great turn out for an event full of No-Stars waiting to bang on the throttle; was a great site to see all on its own.  Even with the rain on Saturday afternoon, it didn’t slow anyone down, but almost rejuvenated everyone as I saw them going even harder than when the pavement was dry.I felt kind of sad leaving the event after it started to rain harder and everyone was put on pause while the track was being looked over.  Driving back home and having the weather slowly clear up the nearer to Minnesota we got; I could only think what we were missing out on.  Even though we didn’t stay for the second day, we had a good friend of JMP go and shoot for us (Brandon FTW).

It was a great experience and might be the convincing point to myself in selling my Honda and purchasing something with a little rear wheel spinning potential (doubtful).  But…that’s a different story on its own.  No-Star Bash was just a crazy great event that I hope to attend more like it in the future and maybe then I’ll be in the media side or driver’s spot instead of cheering from the stands like a Japanese school girl (nothing wrong with that).  As a fan I just wanted to say thank-you to ClubFR for putting a great event and just all the drifters from the Midwest that came together for one weekend to just have fun.

coming soon! Be sure to check our video footage that is in the works!

words: David
PhotoGs: Neng and Brandon

enough of the lets get into some dope photos

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  2. The yellow RX-7 is SOOO photogenic, great coverage guys!