Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Early Hype: the Movement

The other day I visited my mother’s house and my brother handed me a box of my old car magazines. I was so overjoyed I quickly flipped through the various pages of Super Streets, Honda Tuning, HCI, and other collections dating from as late as 1997. Everybody knows the best part about any magazine is the rider’s feature sections. After going through the third magazine, I developed a sour distasteful feeling in my mouth. In regards to styles, cars of that era were hella lame and “riced” out (Sorry David, if I sound racist LOL).

If you don’t believe me, look it up. It seems the cool thing to do back then was to get a ton of stickers, stereo amps and subs, 1.5” drop height, duck sauce paint jobs, a matching color interior, and skinny ass offset wheels with oversized tires….wowzers! But enough rant, today’s trends seems to make more sense. The new trend is to keep it simple, low and wide with quality parts and always testing the boundary of functionality, which is also the essence of the Stance Movement Car Club members. Prime example, Mr. Xiong’s Lexus:
*Super clean and wide, that’s how JMP likes it. Stay tune for full write up and photo features.

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  1. Found Some of my Bro's too not too long ago, lol, Most of them are 06 and up, dont know what he did witht the others,