Wednesday, July 18, 2012's a Stance Movement: Marc's Lexus IS three-five-0

Walking through the crowd at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market can be a task all on its own, but adding a photoshoot to the mix can be just plain fun.  Even through the crowd, Marc’s Lexus IS350 can draw anyone’s attention.  It can be the luxurious lines of the IS350 or the set of 19inch Step lip Linea Corse Lemans wheels, but I personally think it’s the way how it stands.  Being part of the “Stance Movement Car Club”, you can’t expect anything but STANCED.  Sitting on Megan EZ coilovers, the IS350 moved around the Farmer’s Market like it seem to be floating over the cracked bumped-out road with ease.  While it drives away you can’t help to notice the carbon fiber Wald-Style rear Spoiler because that thing looked so damn sexy gleaming in the sunlight….ahh, sorry I got lost in the moment there.

I think shooting Marc’s Lexus had to be the most fun I had during a shoot.  It felt like we were on a ninja mission, walking around until we saw the right time to shoot and it even gave people the “what the hell are they doing” face (if there’s a such thing as that type of facial expression) which was a reward all on its own.  Even the police on duty helped out and let Marc parked and gave us a good minute to shoot all the photos our little heart desired (lol).  Coming out and doing this type of shoot made me think that JMP should do more like it and I just liked the attention we got (attention whore mode).

So when asked what’s in store for the Lexus, Marc replied “Next year, I will probably get an exhaust system, diffuser and better wheels. As far as performance wise, this car's motor has not been cracked by anyone with less than 20k, so I probably wont do any performance mods outside from bolt-ons. My ultimate goal is to just keep it clean and perhaps run it at the track with better a suspension set-up, but for now I just want a clean, smooth car, full interior, and fresh family car”.  This is only the beginning so we still have many many more things to look forward from Marc.

Side Note:
"Stance Movement Car club is a group of members with a passion for cars ranging from sports compact to luxury sport. Founded in 2012 with a group of dedicated guys from Clublexus that all had a vision of clean cars with awesome stance all around no matter the make or model”
Like their Fan page at

Words: David
FotoG: Neng/David

Tha List:
Wald-Style rear Spoiler
35% tint all windows except windshield
Megan EZ Coilovers
Red out rear blinkers
Caliper painted red with Lexus decal
2011 LED oem Lexus Headlights
Yellow Fog overlay
F-Sport shift knob (shoutouts to Edward ISF)
RhoPlate tow hook License plate holder
PIAA gunmetal lug nuts
TRC Tuning lip from Germany
Fabulous rear Canards (shoutouts to Noy 2soonJR)
19" step lip Linea Corse Lemans Gold w/ polish lip
Rolled fenders (shoutouts to Simple aka Chao Vang)
SMcc license plate surrounds
JoeZ intake

Thanks Mr. Policeman

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