Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MAP Proving Grounds 2012: Drift Edition

disclaimer: This year, JMP mainly covered the drag and drifting events...we didn't get to the road course and autocross. So, our apologies to the road/autocross racers.

With the great success from previous years, this year’s MAP Proving Ground was highly anticipated among local drifters and fans. Personally, I know a few drivers that have been prepping all year for this event. So it was surprising that on day 2 of the event there was a full crowd already and twice the number of cars on the pit.

Listening to the crowd’s chatters, Chris Gonzales from north of the border (Canada) and a returning champ from last year, seemed to be their favorite. To which I agree, his V8 sounds so badass and always puts on a great show by doing some wicked burnouts. Aside from that, he can really drift and throughout the day he remained pretty consistent and always laying down a ton of smoke. It wasn’t a surprise to hear that the next day he took first place- Congrats to Gonzo and his racing crew.

One of the greatest perks on being an event photographer is getting to know all the drivers. Some of the guys I like and follow are doing so well- keep it up guys!
*This guy never cease to amaze me, new car, new style, and looking cooler than ever in his throwback AE86.

*Only few hmong guys I know with balls, Mr. Kou!

*I can't seem to remember his name, but this guy is amazing. New car setup but ran into some issues, I'm sure he'll be a threat very soon.

*Drink NOS with Mr. Estrada

*Chris putting in work

*Sam looking fresh in his new front end for 2012

*Another Sam killing it....time to go in-line 6 bro.

*the Dirty Love crew, make sure you get your Dirty Love merchandise

*Congrats to Eric of EPDC on his podium finish. This guy is a beast and competitive as hell- "go hard"

*When I say "drivers prepping all year" this is one of the guys, Audi of EPDC. Congrats on the podium finish, pretty impressive for first time driving his new setup.

***See the entire drift collection at: Neng's and Brandon's

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