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MAPerformance: Proving Grounds 2012

This year, JMP mainly covered the drag and drifting events...we didn't get to the road course and autocross.  So, our apologies to the road/autocross racers.  Two guys can only cover so much...even Dsport magazine had four guys.  But next year, we'll promise to get some shots of all the other events that is going on at the same time.  Enjoy the eye candy...

Proving Grounds: Drag Edition

Even though it was a year, it sure felt like forever waiting for Modern Automotive Performance’s Proving Grounds.  This year was a little different because instead of just attending one day like I usually do, I decided to campout and it was probably one of my best experiences at the track.  It was overall just a great fun weekend that I can’t wait to attend again next year.

Since the first Proving Ground, the event has gotten bigger and better each year.  This 2012, I think there were more people racing and camping out than previous years.  From what I was told there was less drama this year compare to last year(during the night), so it seemed everyone really enjoyed themselves this year.  The drag racing was great with many dope looking cars.  Besides the crazy quick Corolla running 8’s, everyone seemed to be rocking the 11’s mark with a few breaking in the 10’s and maybe one or two rocking the 9’s slip (forgot).  Everyone seemed like they were still getting use to their cars while a handful wasn’t having the greatest times because of new set-ups.

Being part of the media this year was GREAT!  I had probably one of the best spots ever to enjoy watching the drags and that was smack in the middle of the two lanes with the track officials.  Even though I’m pretty sure I got a little deaf from all the loud exhaust (earplugs much needed for next year), it felt great being in the middle of all the action.  I was a little unprepared this year due to me purchasing a camera a day before the event and getting used to it, but I did what I needed to do.

So…onto the races, the cars that stood out to me came from Team Ballistic, where it was from the 800hp S2k to their H2B civics tearing the 1320 like it owe them money.  Team Shadowz seemed to have some trouble working out some kinks from new set-ups, but I’m sure they’ll come back hard the next time around.  Some other cars that I couldn’t stop staring were a Milano red Civic sedan with a H2B turbo’d that eventually won his class.  I might be a little bias about the whole “can’t stop staring” part because I have a sedan myself, but overall the sedan was killing it and that include a blue sedan that I heard was pushing over 800hp.  Every year everyone seems to up’d their game a second at a time.  I’m still waiting for Hondas breaking 9’s, 8’s and having the all-motor scene here to be a force to reckon with.  Slowly…but surely…

This year for the all-motor class, I was looking forward to another Nissan vs Honda head up, but due to some malfunction on Cory’s Se-R it had to retired early.  Hopefully we’ll see a rematch soon cause I have the most respect for these all-motor guys.  I’m lazy so I usually just say let’s just turbo everything (lol) but to see these guys hitting up the 11s barrier on the H2B set-up brings a smile to my face…so the real question is, where’s them K’s at? Not hating…I’m just saying I want to see some K’s doing dirt as well (but we broke, I know lol).

It was great seeing everyone out enjoying a weekend full of automotive fun.  I always feel so peaceful being surrounded by tires screeching and exhaust smoke…maybe that’s just me, but it was a weekend to remember.  2013…I don’t know what MAP has in store, but I know JMP will be there covering, taking fotos and bringing the action into your home with our dope fotos.  So…Thanks to MAP, BIR, all the teams, racers, spectators...and just everyone who made Proving Grounds happen and a great success this 2012.  Thank you to MAP for the media passes...we’ll see you at the next event.


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