Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Minnesota's Cleanest H22 Builds- and They're Brothers

Ancient story tells of two brothers, one settle and obedient and the other wicked and spiteful. In fact, these types of stories always end with a bloody battle between the two brothers- and they say TV is too violent. If you’re reading this and expecting a fight, its just not true in their case. Sure they have differences, but at end of day they put their hands together and build two of the sickest H22 platforms in Minnesota.

Song, the older brother’s setup is best described like a marriage, really! It was love at first sight, the car was purchased brand new by Song himself and it remained with him ever since. Together, they went through some exciting times of street racing to rough days in the garage tooling to today, of which is perfection and piecing all the right and proper parts. Today, the car is one of the cleanest Accord and badass with the H22 motor and Mugen parts.

Michael, the younger brother’s setup is quite the contrast. He too tried to follow big brother’s step by building an Accord, but eventually opted for a turbo Prelude. The car was making plenty of power, but he wanted to perfect other components so that he could track the car. It was set to get some time slip for earlier events but due to personal reasons it is still waiting.

*See the entire set at our Flickr collection

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