Wednesday, September 5, 2012

better late then never: After hours with DBperformance

Earlier this year we had an idea to bring our readers and local automotive fans a deeper in depth view into our beloved local aftermarket performance shops, but due to the inconvenience of conflicting schedules we couldn’t deliver those views to you, the readers.  Out of the handful of shops we tried contacting only one got back to us and was happily to show us around their shop after hours.  

Outside of the dyno room, I have never walked through DBperformance before and to be given a tour by co-owner/tuning specialist, Shane Ziegler was a nice little treat in itself.  At the time it was towards the end of winter so they had a nice little collection of cars in the showroom far away from the cold winter breezes.  Walking through the shop I couldn’t help but not smiling the whole time, maybe it was because I was deprived all winter or this was a place where most car enthusiast wanted to be. Even though, we didn’t get to write what we wanted and show everyone what they were really about, I believe the pictures we took speaks louder than what we could have said.

Lastly, I just want to say thanks to DBperformance for giving JMP a little tour.

foto galore taken by Neng:

Co-owner/tuner specialist: Shane Ziegler

Wood grain Grippin

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