Monday, September 24, 2012

Holley LS FEST 2012!

Well its that time again were sights are aimed high for upcoming events, this one in particular being Holley’s LS fest for Drifting, auto x, drag racing, engine swap contest, on site car dyno’s and even full event cruise! Two of our team drivers from EPDC were fortunate enough to have Ls powered s13’s to participate in this huge event but of course nothing ever goes as planned….

Lets start with Audi Riza aka choo choo who recently blew his LS at a raceway practice drift session which left him with under 30 days to get his beast back up and running. Audi of course had a few doubts of being able to get it done in time due to work schedule, funds, and having to rebuild his transmission as well, I told Audi that if there’s one guy I want to see out there and make it that’ll be you and I have complete faith so think of this whole process as VENI VIDI VICI meaning I came, I saw, I conquered.
With Audi’s situation his friends/ team decided to throw a surprise fundraiser but even that wasn’t easy! He was suppose to go out of state with the boss to pick up a few vehicles for the company we work for which of course was on the same day we planned this event out 2-3 weeks prior. Talked to the boss man worked out a deal that they leave the next morning instead. So Audi see’s the opportunity to go work on more customer cars since he has an open window of time now, little does he know that window is about to get shut since we need him at this surprise party! Managed to steal his keys to the car and made sure he had no other way to get to where he needed to go. Needless to say he was walking around like the hulk for the next 10 hours. Mike Blageo who originally thought of the idea of having the fundraiser picks him the day of and brings him to the event where he was in shock to see what his friends were willing to do for him without him ever asking for help. Pizza, raffles, drinks, prizes and a quart of eye popping red paint done by lil matt was up for grabs to the highest bidder.
With parts ordered, block refreshed, dipped we were set to go until we found out a million things didn’t work with the aftermarket parts we ordered, along with not being able to use the old crankshaft things got hectic. Somehow managed to get all the bugs worked out and got the block reassembled, went to bolt on the transmission and cracked the right ear of the motor almost all the way through so we quickly jb welded it waited. Realized the original pilot bushing was no longer able to be used with the new crankshaft and is the cause of stress cracking the block. By this time its 12 am when we were suppose to hit the road at 9pm sharp.  Luckily our local sponsor Alpha Engineering was in the shop helping out and quickly ran and made a new pilot bushing that would work. Put everything back together, filled fluids, and connected everything to the motor started ran the motor for 5-10 seconds and said its time to load up! Got the tire machine, tires, rims, luggage and both cars loaded up and hit the road at 5am.
TIME TO DRIFT! Well actually only for Sam Henry who’s car was all ready to go and running flawlessly, Audi on the other hand had no oil pressure issues. To sum up everything the motor was torn apart twice with a group of people we have never met before but were by far the most awesome group of people we have never met and still give them many thanks for helping out! Problem was due to bad oil pump along with oil filter bottoming out not allowing the oil to flow correctly. Audi unfortunately missed both days of practice and tandem action leaving him with only 1 hour before competition. Mounted tires, cleaned up and tightened re-tightened everything on the car, suited up and got ready for business!
Audi was allowed 4 laps of practice before competition due to not feeling the course at all so I can only imagine nerve racking it may have feel when your up against about 20 other really good drivers. Even formula D driver Joon maeng was proud of Audi and the guys for getting the car done in time.
Sam Henry aka Sam Green at Ls FEST put on a very impressive show giving him a second place finish against Jason Jiovani! Audi also did very good taking out his first opponent almost his second opponent which in my opinion should have been a “omt” All said and done everyone had a good time seeing drivers we have all been fans of for so long driving hard and fast putting out tons of smoke, Even the formula D announcer Jarod Deanda was there entertaining the crowd and keeping them up to date with each run.
After a long day of headaches and excitement we all went out to eat at the mellow mushroom to celebrate with all the drivers, the crew that helped Audi and even Joon Maeng and Jarod Deanda. The food there was actually amazing for how hidden in the city it was. Cheers to the weekend, Sams 2nd place finish and Audi’s new nickname “Army ant” Because they never stop working till the job is done. VENI VIDI VICI.                                                                                               -Rio

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