Monday, September 10, 2012

JMP Tagg Feature, "Literally"

Thanks to all those who participated in our first ever viewers giveaway- all the cars were dope. We always appreciate your support and feedback. As promised, we randomly selected a winner, by literally drawing out of a hat and...(drums roll)...Chemeng Vang of Minneapolis wins!. Congrats! 

Although there were a few issues with people who were not able to tag their photos, we will host another giveaway in the following weeks. Same concept, simply tag your photo to the Jmuag Production Facebook page or email us. A lucky winner will be randomly selected to win JMP apparel or goods.    
Bruce with his TRUE/AWESOME SiR
Tou's DIY Celica 
Delaray's quick FC
Steve's clean 510
Sam's drift 240sx
Tong's daily driven STI
Vidu's oldschool Supra
Kris' swagged Olds
Yeej's Stanced 240sx
Chemeng, Fo-d'oh Civic , and our first time winner!

Congrats Chemeng for winning our newest vinyl design (credit to Yeej for the idea)  of the "YORO" (You Only Rive Once -Asian accent, of course)

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