Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bruce's RHD

Its been a while since JMP got off our lazy butts and put in work, but we were very stoked to have work with Bruce and his super rare EK. We needed a killer car and someone who isn't shy to work with. Besides getting kicked out by a worthless mall cop from a public parking ramp, we were quite happy with some of the results we got back. For now, enjoy the photos.

There's something truly magical about nighttime and photography. If done right, night photos are so damn sexy! However, it's quite tricky and takes a bit of practice (we're still practicing). 

Even with all the advances in camera technology, the night is one element that you just can't rely on the presetting mode...will maybe to "night mode" but even that is not very pleasing. The idea of using flash and artificial lighting is not we're trying to achieve tonight- nor is it appropriate for our subject  matter. Naturally the night brings out the most vibrant colors, mood, and excellent point of focus- all of which we want to convey in this shoot.

Good Night!

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  1. Sweet pictures and it was great working with you guys... looking forward to do so again.