Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hondas and Nissans OH MY! Summer aint done just yet!

Who said Summer is over? so what it's October...leaves are on that streets, that didn't stop Minnesota from having a couple more car meets.  JMP attended two events held to two different makes but consisted so much of the same crowd that came together.  It was great to see everyone and meeting a couple of new faces.  Big shout out to all the organizers who helped put two great meets together! Enjoy the eye candy...

MNHonda meet

4th Annual Jared's Nissan/Infiniti Meet

more photos:

Oh...cold? chilly? Let's keep it going at another great event coming up on Oct. 14th that the guys at H.I.D Lighting and Accessories is putting on for their loyal customers.  Free Foods! Cars! and we will be there, that's pretty much all the reasons you need to cancel everything or plan everything for it.  So, come on through for a great day at HLA!  SO DON'T STORE YOUR CARS YET!!!

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