Thursday, October 18, 2012

Much Appreciated

Best DJs Crew ever! 
End of the season for cars in Minnesota, at least for some of us.  Although this was officially not a car event, you just can't avoid attending a HID event with the cars themselves. Thanks to all those who came out, and to those who missed out, your loss. Free food, drinks, awesome weather, and old friends- anything better than this would be an actual race event. Special thanks to Vang at HID Lighting & Accessories for a well organized and successful event. Also, congrats on another successful year buddy! 

Get your dogs and burgs. I spy Marc. 
HLA Crew, much appreciated 
Of the many conversations 
Show Stoppers all day including this ultra rare RHD EK. 
Breaking necks all summer with Stance Movement Crew. 
Now, we can party. 

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