Sunday, December 30, 2012

Looking back at 2012

Almost a year ago from today we were planning on what to accomplish in 2012 and even though some things didn't go through we still had one hell'uva year.  From Full Blown's Spring opener till the cold nights of Fall, JMP was out and about bringing you the photos that follow.  Thank you to all the new and old supporters!!
First Event for JMP: Full Blown's Spring Opener

MAP's annual Boost4Boobies: rain or shine

No Star Bash @Shawno: So much fun!

Breakin' Necks All Year 'round: Team Brooklyn's LS400

Heading South for the LS Fest 
Proving Grounds! Always a blast

Marc representing SMcc

H22 Brothers

MNhonda Meet
Chillin' at Jared's Nissan Meet 
HID Appreciation Day: Free Food, Live Music and Cars!!
Hanging out with Bruce 

Thanks for another year! 2013 here we come!

*2013 teaser*

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