Saturday, June 1, 2013

Session 2: LaCrosse Speedway

First of all, huge thanks to Jesse and his LAX Crew for their hard work in setting up the event and their hospitality. Session 2 was educational, but tiresome as hell- starting with an early morning drive at 5am that lasted for about 3 hours. Well worth it, I learned a great deal about driving and flaws with my current setup (thanks, Jordan). Highlight of the day would be a ride-along with Jordan- I'm even more inspired now.

My partner in crime for today, Colin
Jordan's drift machine
Jesse's magic s13
Starting to see more of these on the track, which is a good thing. This one sounds so mean though. 
Colin getting dirty 
(photo credit to Colin) me trying the mini cone course, which by the way was a great learning experience
Good way to end the day

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