Saturday, October 5, 2013

NF Friday Performance Night

Taking the advise of a few people, I finally tried some road driving lessons. Desperate to find something before the season ends, I did some scoping on FaceBook and came across this interesting event. Apparently its been around for quite some time now, but unbenounced to fanboys like me. 

The objective to this event is to learn how to properly drive with a bit of racing techniques. About 5 cars are allowed to run all at once, but no passing or speeding past 55 MPH. The drivers are divided into groups and running separate sessions. Each driver is teamed with a dedicated instructor who will ride along throughout your day, which is a great feature in that they have the opportunity to see your progress. 

Although I'm greatly appreciated of my instructor and his advises, I'd have to say the best part of the event is the last two hours. Track is open and you are allow to run solo along with other drivers. It was an awesome experience, racing and through the open course at night with driver ahead and beyond. I'd have to find some better tires and go back. 

*just wanted to express our thanks to NF for hosting, great hospitality and well organized.

more photos, click here

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