Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A year’s worth of wisdom.

It’s December 2011, around this time last year I was strategizing how to be propel JMP to the next level. If you read the blog, I sound like Hitler planning his European invasion. However, it’s a totally different vibe this time. My ambitions are not as ambitious (lol), but don’t get me wrong, I’m still hard into the game- just a different mindset.

After playing the field, I’m pretty proud of the decisions and moves I made this year for JMP. If you can understand my last few blogs [sorry, crazy rants most of the time] (1)I’m sticking to grassroot over mainstream. (2)Marketing wise, JMP will still continue our contributions to drifting and the local automotive scene with one slight difference, we won’t be marketing the JMP brand as much as the website. Currently, we are interested in looking for future advertisers to help keep website going strong. (3)I made some staff changes by splitting with my very talented photographer/designer and make-up artist personals. I’m forever in-debt to you and the work you’ve done; we will continue to work together in the future. (4)Lastly, I’m very excited to bring David Vu into the JMP family. Thanks to David, JMP’s events, writing, and morality have been greatly improved/boosted. This is what I’ve been lacking all along, someone who shares the same passion and energy for the sport as I do. We've worked on a few successful projects, and looking forward to do more next year.

*We are also looking for a video person; it’s a volunteer work- no pay atm.

-Neng "Cold in the D" Her

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